Incapsula provides a sophisticated set of security and performance which are simple to integrate for web publishers of all sizes.

I’ve written a three part series covering Incapsula’s performance and security services for Tuts+. Essentially, Incapsula provides relatively low cost services that often only large companies can afford to build; it puts the rest of us back on secure ground with sophisticated web publishers.

I’ve been quite impressed with Incapsula’s simple integration steps and the sophistication of their resulting secure, high performance hosting operations. You can have basic security protections and performance enhancements for free and a robust set of protective services for $59 monthly.

What Does Incapsula’s Website Security Provide?

When you sign up for Incapsula, your website traffic will be seamlessly routed through its globally distributed network of powerful servers. Your inbound traffic is intelligently profiled in real-time, blocking the latest web threats (e.g., SQL injection attacks, scrapers, malicious bots, comment spammers) and with higher level plans, thwarting DDoS attacks. Meanwhile your outbound traffic is sped up with Incapsula’s global CDN. A lot of these features are provided for free and you can try all of it without cost during their fourteen day trials.

Visit Incapsula’s Website for more information.

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